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Support CALM (Like at Home), the first homestay network for refugees


CALM (Like at Home) is an online platform connecting refugees seeking housing and private hosts. It uses web and mobile applications to mobilize a varied community of people offering accommodation all over France. More than just a solution to housing needs, CALM creates an enriching human experience with doors opening to the SINGA association community, and in a wider way, to all of French society. The system aims to prepare the future of refugees and their inclusion in social and professional life.

The web application is open source and will be shared with any organizations involved in social housing wishing to use it, as we hope to make a global social contribution.

Where did this idea come from?

CALM was created in January 2015 during the Connected Refugee Hackathon organized by SINGA in partnership with and MakeSense. The prototype of the application imagined and developed by Guillaume Desmoulins, Emilien Ah-Kiem, Jérémy Dhür, Irina Arsova and Jad Ghosn was voted ‘Best Application’ by the event’s jury. It corresponded perfectly to recommendations drawn from an international study concerning the ‘Current Uses of Digital Tools by Refugees’ conducted by SINGA in 15 different countries in 2013.

How does CALM work? What are the stages?

  • People apply by filling in a form on the web or mobile platform
  • The first matching is performed by an algorithm which compares the applicant’s and the potential hosts’ personal interests and other data, which is then verified by the SINGA team
  • Candidates attend a training session to ensure that the home sharing experience will be a success
  • Hosts and refugees meet in a public place for the first time
  • If both parties agree, 24 hours later the homestay can begin

Throughout the homestay period, which may last between two weeks and six months, SINGA and its whole community offer complementary social and leisure activities, and remain available in case of questions or misunderstandings.

View the video clip explaining the system.

Please note, CALM is being rolled out first in Paris and its region, and will progressively extend to the rest of France, in the months to come.

What difference will this make?

Today, thousands of asylum seekers and refugees have no access to decent housing (This OFPRA study, in French, reports on the situation in 2014). In addition, 45% of refugees in France live in Paris and its region, despite the fact that their qualifications and experience often correspond better to the lifestyles and labour pools in other parts of France. CALM is innovative as it offers solutions to both basic problems of access to housing and favors mobility all over France, which is key to integration.

What do we need?

To allow CALM to function perfectly, we need your support to finance:

  • The design of the digital platform, estimated at 7000€
  • The production of films to offer training to host families, 8000€

Beyond the initial 15 000 €, with further funds we would also be able to provide:

Translations into the 27 different principle languages spoken by refugees currently in France (3000€)

A rapid roll out of the system on the national level (100,000€). This sum would allow us to add more developers to the team so as to accelerate the project.

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