The Jambus : participative tour

by Olivier Domengie
In short

The Paris-based independent musicians collective, the Jambus, are inviting you to take the road with them in their first participative tour. First stop: Amsterdam, 14-16 May.


After a 10-country tour in the summer of 2015, proposing concerts mixing individual performances with collective songs, the Jambus are launching their innovative concept of the participative tour - where they take an audience with them.

The innovation

We will rent a bus to take 60 people with us. They will participate physically in a unique exchange event between the musical communities of Paris and Amsterdam. This will bring together artists and people passionate about live music together for a weekend of cultural exchange in a unique place: The Dok Huis Gallery.

Dok Huis is a space looked after by artists in Amsterdam, and has been open since 1998. Originally an artists squat, it was legalised by the city in 2001 and now hosts concerts for up to 300 people and jams in it’s cafe.

The programme:

Everything has been thought about to offer an experience at once unique and affordable.

Leaving Paris Saturday 14th May at 8am to arrive in Amsterdam at 4pm; and returning to Paris on Monday 16th (Pentecost) at 11am to arrive at 7pm. And, bring your guitars and songbooks because the journey will be musical too!

Saturday night, we will organise a big concert with the best locals artists and our own Jambus artists to create 3 hours of live music with a wide-range of styles (folk, rock, blues, jazz, soul and pop).

Sunday, we are proposing afternoon workshops to prepare a jam session for the evening. You are also welcome to go an enjoy the free day in Amsterdam.

Jambus artists:

To hear their music, click here :

The Budget:

Our objective is to collect 3900 Euros to finance the renting of the bus, the concert hall and additional costs. Anything above that will be used to finance our other projects, including our next tours.

For those who are coming in the bus from Paris to Amsterdam, you can get your roundtrip ticket for an 80 euros donation on this page (festival pass included).

Free amount : receive a copy of the original JamBus live session EP as well as an invitation to our end-of-crowd funding concert in Paris on April 23 at "La Lingerie".

For other specific donations, we propose CD signed by the artists, private concerts and sponsoring. Please contact to discuss.

Additional costs to take account of in Amsterdam Accommodation in the city: We are negotiating solutions at 30€ per night (it’s normally 40€ in Amsterdam). You’re also free to find your own, in your own manner. Food and Drink. We have negotiated prices for food at 5€ and drinks at 2€ - much cheaper than in bars, restaurants and even fast food outlets! Workshops - affiliated Jambus artists can participate freely. For others, inscription is 35€

Why are we doing this?

The musical tour is an experience lots of people dream about. When you live off music, it’s a reality because the majority of an artists revenue will often come from touring and finding new audiences. However doing this can be tricky due to the investment and organisation needed.

By clubbing together, through the Jambus, independent artists can make touring easier, more affordable and - most importantly - a lot of fun! By bringing an audience with them they can more easily open up possibilities in new cities and in continuing to break down that barrier between artist and public create a very unique and magical tour. So are you in?

Owner project

  • Tifany Wilmotte

    Hâte d’y être ! Il y a des pépites à découvrir dans ce collectif, et des gens super cools ! A découvrir et à partager, et quoi de mieux que de partir avec eux pour cela !

  • Chrislo

    Belle aventure humaine et musicale à venir! J'ai hâte!!!!!!! J'allais employer exactement le même mot que Tifany, nous aurons la chance de savourer la musique des pépites du collecif Jambus!

  • Dominique Dupont

    Un truc de ouf mais j'en suis !