We are
Les Co-citoyens is a non-profit association
Our mission
Supporting civic initiatives to build sustainable and inclusive cities!
Our goals

Democratizing civic crowdfunding:

civic crowdfunding is a fundraising tool that allows a large number of people to fund projects of general interest, non-profit and open to all. Co-city develops and aims to make this practice accessible, especially to people excluded from digital and traditional financing tools. We support all project leaders - for initiatives ranging from a few hundred to several thousand euros - with a success rate of 94%.

Fostering citizens’ empowerment

Co-city acts for the involvement and emancipation of inhabitants in their neighbourhood and in their cities. In this context, we organize workshops and events in the Ile-de-France region to help them structure their ideas and mobilize citizens. Our association also acts as an intermediary between local stakeholders in a territory. Since 2016, we are working with the Participatory Budget of Paris to facilitate the emergence of projects of inhabitants living in working-class districts.

Our society is currently facing a democratic crisis reflected in a strong abstention from recent elections as well as a progression of individualism, wherein sometimes even the social link is monetized. In light of this, it seems urgent to move away from the model of permanent competition and turn to more cooperation. Solutions exist to improve people's lives and to respond to the great societal challenges of our time. Following the principle of “think global, act local,” “co-citizens” organize themselves and invite us to rethink our way of living together. For us, the expression “co-citizens” represents the collective spirit found in these groups of individuals acting for sustainable, inclusive, and lively cities. Dispersed and sometimes barely visible, these local initiatives are multiplying and waiting to be reinforced and unified to begin a democratic, ecological, and human transition.

Co-city was founded to support those who take action on a daily basis while inviting everyone to participate at their own levels and according to their own abilities. We advocate individual and collective participation of inhabitants in their neighborhoods and in the decisions concerning them. Aware of the territorial disparities and the different digital and social fractures, the accompaniment is of the utmost importance. This is the challenge we face in adapting our tools to the specificities of each location and experimenting new forms of citizen participation, combining local events and the use of digital technology. Our community facilitates citizens’ empowerment and accompanies project leaders; our civic crowdfunding platform ensures the feasibility of co-citizens’ initiatives while making the best use of local dynamics. While primarily independent, we are also working with sub-national governments that launch participative democracy mechanisms. In this context, we ensure, with a critical and benevolent view, that the general interest is not overtaken by special interest groups.

Refusing fatalism and cynicism, we seek to engage alongside other citizen movements, local residents, and associations. We are not alone. Let’s build more sustainable and inclusive cities together!