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What is a project?

Projects are structured civic initiatives that are ready to be financed and realised. Our non-profit organization supports you to succeed your crowdfunding campaign and your citizen mobilization. We do not charge commission on projects we support. In case of need, you can also ask for volunteers.

Submit an idea
What is an idea?

Ideas are civic initiatives which are still under development. You share your idea on our website and propose a meeting to your neighbours to develop it together. This might be a first step toward further structuring your idea and/or towards launching a civic crowdfunding campaign.

Types of projects supported

Les Co-citoyens supports non-profit and open-to-all initiatives in the following in France : Ile-de-France and Sud Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur regions.

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CONTACT US at ! You have a project or an idea? Let’s meet to determine together your needs and to support you in the success of your initiative.

Why would you choose Les Co-citoyens?
  • Commitment: Les Co-citoyens is a non-profit law 1901 association. We work with and for inhabitants to make concrete changes in their neighborhoods and to create a fairer society.
  • Expertise: we support civic initiatives since 2015 with a 95% success rate in crowdfunding campaigns. We have developed methods to help you succeed your fundraising and citizen mobilizations.
  • Community: we promote the exchange of good practice between projects holders. We organise semi-annual meetings to imagine and build together more inclusive and sustainable cities.
  • Independence: the model of civic crowdfunding promoted by Les Co-citoyens allows projects to get funding and volunteers without financial compensation.